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“The day I stopped smoking K2 is a day I’ll never forget. My best friend and I never had any complications when it came to K2, but it affected my sister differently. You hear that K2 affects people differently, and this is true.

Our dogs noticed a change in her before anybody else did. We were smoking it in her room and she leaned over and fell. Then, she got up and went on a straight rampage, destroying everything, knocking down anything in her path. Trying to calm her down was a task. We tried to feed her milk to calm her down. I felt so bad because I didn’t know what was going on, or what would happen to her. It was the scariest, craziest night ever. We didn’t know who she was. Her face wasn’t her. Her actions were not her.

The funny part about it is that she didn’t remember any of it. I vowed never to touch that stuff again, and so did she.”

“I’ve been smoking K2 for four years. I’ve lost my relationships with family, friends, and girlfriends. I’ve lost jobs, and my place of residence. I’ve blacked out on numerous occasions, and now I have nerve damage and memory loss. Yet, I’m still at it. K2 is dangerous and addictive.”

“‘It’s legal’, and that’s after I took the hit. Within 8 seconds it hit me like a massive wave. I was having a very horrible reaction to it. The people around me just stared at me; they left me there on the mattress and locked the door. “Our lord who art in heaven,” I started to pray and of course everyone is scared off by that. All I could remember is the Lord’s Prayer and my fathers phone number. It felt as if I was locked away in the corner of my mind. I had a sensation like just waking up from a bad dream. I was lucky to survive.Recently I saw a video clip on Facebook and these kids videotaped a young man smoking “K2″. He had a seizure and bit his tongue off and fell back off the bench he was sitting on. These young men just left him there. I began to sob and started to feel a heaviness on my chest and shakes. I had a flash back and severe anxiety. I know that not all people have a bad reaction to it but please do not take your chances. As a young woman this has had a huge effect on my mental health, and I know there are consequences to every action. Don’t let K2 be your last.”

“It’s robbed me of a lot. I’ve been on it on and off for 4 years, and I’m lucky to be alive. My husband divorced me cause of it I’ve lost the respect of my kids and have even been investigated by CPS. It’s no good.  I do believe that this stuff destroyed my life, including an accident where I almost died last summer. It’s bad stuff and people need to know. I wish I could do more.  If i could just help one person to quit this crap before it’s too late, I think I would feel a little better.”